Friday, January 29, 2010

Paris Couture Spring 2010 Madness

Dior Couture, Spring 2010
above photo from Chanel is from style rookie, who, don't you think, was Karl's muse ...

While I have been at home hemming my jeans, some people have been thrown into the twilight zone of the Paris Couture fashion fantasies, for the Spring 2010 shows. As I gaze through the images, while mending my jeans, I do feel a bit like Cinderella ... I mean, after all, we are on opposite sides of the moon and the stars, at this moment, as I'm trying to be resourceful and others are inventing magic and looks destined for fantasies. But how can one not love all the creativity and madness. Chanel's silver glitter is everywhere, stockings, nails, shoes and jewerly - silver highlights in the hair, the way it's been teased into a power shape accented with flowers and bows, is so 2010 and looking forward. Thank you Chanel!
Dior is also on the other side of the stars. The sumptuous flowers and fabrics drapped all over the runway, with the overly elaborate taffetas, make-up, hats and clothes, are simply out of this world literally. We must pause, enjoy the magic, the imagination, and the world of never never land...... realizing, that what looks outrageous at this moment, as fashion goes, is going to be on everyone tomorrow - just watch it happen! Hmm, can't wait for Spring, for the piles of flowers and sumptuous clothing. Photos from French Vogue, The Vine, Style Rookie and the Chanel site.

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