Saturday, August 30, 2008

September wallpaper fashion sketch

My calendar for September begins with a fantasy background inspired by a catalogue from the Loughborough University - a collage of work from Katie Leamon, Daniel Smith and Stephanie Earnshaw. Whenever I meet LU students or teachers I am impressed with the pure way the student is encouraged to open their creativity without commercial barriers - with gorgeous results. I sketched up denim this month with black opaque leggings, laced boots, sheer blouses or an over sized lace trimmed jean jacket and wrapped velvet shoes - charming eccentric contrasts for the rentree.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Buffalo Exchange and diy denim stenciling

Thank you Mo and everyone at Buffalo Exchange at the Portland Hawthorne location for making a fabulous event to introduce my book. Fabric paint, new and antique stencils and a pile of old jeans donated by Buffalo Exchange were spread out on the table, for customers to create "new" jeans for back to school, for girl friends, siblings or just to beef up their own wardrobes. Gals, guys and kids were zooming with creativity, I was terribly inspired, by the crowd, the fashion and the stenciling. When jeans were cut off, the leftovers were stenciled for totes, or notebook covers. It was WOW! or as one student heading off to college put it - it's party time - BANG TIME!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

USA Today summer reading list...

A book review from Cruise Log with Gene Sloan ---
"Add some style to your summer reading list
Summer is prime time for reading books. Instead of grabbing that trashy romance novel at the beach, go for a title with a fashion or beauty plot line. These easy reads can help you get an education of sorts during your getaway. -- "Denim Revolution; more>