Saturday, March 29, 2008

April Screensaver

Click on the link below and download a freebie -- my sketch for your April screensaver!

The April sreensaver is fast paced green energy mixed with neon power accents. It's recylced, rugged denim glowing with some downtown gay styling to help you shrug aside any rainy April days. Inspired by the funky Doc Martens and jewelry at Colette in Paris,

and the socially green fashions and visuals --both imagined and real -- as seen at Pret a Porter Paris -- it's socially chic stuff.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

From Russia

Portrait of Anna Akmatova, 1915 by Natay Altman
Triggered by the blockbuster From Russia at the Royal Academy of the Arts, the Russian influence, in many formats, is happening right now, in London. At the Academy, the first portion of the exhibition is based on work from the two Russian collectors, Shchukin and Morosov, through who's vision and taste you see not only some of the finest examples of French modern art masterpieces (1870-1925), but additionally what happens when truly passionate and profound collectors develop relationships with the greatest masters. And then, in the second portion, it all comes crashing down, when the Russian avant-garde art - in particular the bold trio of work by Malevich as the grand finale - mark the beginning of the future.

Breaking the Rules - London

On display, at the British Library, and certainly an influence that will seep into fashion and style, are extraordinary examples of the movement that brought us FuturISM, CubISM, DadaISM, SurrealISM, VorticISM, ExpressionISM. A comprehensive, and compelling collection of magazines, journals, books and newspapers that were published from 1900-1937, were the showcase for the ideals driving these movements. European photographers, artists, writers, composers, philosophers, graphic artists and illustrators, collaborated, expressing the avant-garde movement that was a revolutionary departure from the establishment, drawing a line between who's good and who's bad, who's the future and who's the past.