Sunday, December 2, 2007


Celebration in a gorgeous castle ----
-- part of the fun of the night is planning the outfit, deciding the mood ... my must list: to feel hip and daring AND to create something myself, as otherwise, it is just too boring -- remember --lots of titled with real bling, so must go in reverse and wear FAUX and the castle is enormous so must exaggerate or I will disappear.

With that in mind, I decided to build on a classic siren base, sheer chiffon white Chanel-style blouse, with black satin wrap skirt, hemmed just tooo long in the back.

Then from top to bottom, this is how I layered it on: Hair teased super big, my feathered Venus et Neptune headband (minus the pretty tulle net, possible mistake, oh well), exaggerated black eyes, over sized lemon Lucite hoops with black jet beads; made a pair of wide cuffs (chocolate fur layered with leopard printed chiffon woven through vintage horn buckles), snug on wrists; made a wide cinch belt, using the heavenly vintage double buckle with the hand dyed, black to smoke grey chiffon Roman silk; carried my Maud Frizon croc lipstick purse, black suede stilettos plus Stella. I felt just like the sketch. Wonderful evening, romantic and joyous, old friends and new friends.
The cuffs and belt are made from my pile of vintage finds, all recycled.

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