Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Valentine diy denim short-shorts

I'm starting to think about what to make for Valentine's Day and I found these denim short- shorts. Pairing them with black leggings and something like - Maryjane's, Converse or flat boots plus a too big sweater will bring them into February.

Simple to make - any imperfections in the doing or the denim is part of the charm --

Just cut off the waistband, cut the legs as high as you want and cut a heart from the denim. Machine wash and dry to get the nice frayed bits. Steam a strip of lime cotton grosgrain in a soft curve, and use it to face the waist, pinning it around the top edge. Using lemon embroidery thread finish the waist with blanket stitch around the top and running stitch about 1/2" below. Sew a skirt hook and eye at the front closure above the top button. Whip stitch the cuffs with pink embroidery thread. Embroider the heart accordingly to your ability or what you want to express and stitch it, a bit off center, on the back pocket. Knot well all threads so they don't unravel from wear and wash.


Anonymous said...

Love your stuff, cant believe there is no comments,
Maybe you limit them for fear of flooding and stuff, any how keep up the great work , such an inspiration :)

Nancy said...

thank you for your comment jars! Enjoy it all!