Sunday, January 27, 2008

February Wallpaper

February sketched for desktop wallpaper pleasure.
Upload it if you wish by clicking on this link: One of my inspirations, a dreamy treasure of pink reflections on mint and mauve as viewed by Hermes in Paris.

The other inspiration - the hand painted paper my sketch is set on. From Il Papiro, the Florentine handmade paper store, the colors, papers and products seem to have a more genuine beauty and texture than any others I have come across.

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Anonymous said...

Your calendars are amazing. So very creative. I'm a fashion student from the US but studying in India and i was just browsing for some cool fashionable and artsy wallpapers for my laptop and ran into your calendars. Like i said, they are amazing. Wish i was half as creative as you. God Bless. -DRE.