Thursday, November 13, 2008

Edwardian Frock - diy from denim

One just needs to imagine, wish for it and then get to work. Turn your recycle bin and trim boxes upside down to find just the right mix and with with some sewing fun you can transform an old denim cast-off into a hip, eclectic look. I had an old denim coat. The simplest most basic one imaginable, that was too tight, I couldn't even button it closed. So I cut off the sleeves, and made some simple alterations with only scissors, so it would fit snug but fit, like cutting off the sleeves, and then I adorned it with all my favorites -- purple and burgundy velvets, gold braid, lime cotton (looks incredible on the burgundy) hand embroidery, frayed denim edges and delicious buttons and appliques. It is now a sought after pièce de résistance, to wear out tonight, layered over other royal threads and big, confident, decorative shoes and stockings.

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Laurie K said...

love that frock.