Sunday, October 31, 2010

Free November fashion screensaver

Fur, faux fur,
Plums and winter berries,
Layering, with a personal allure and style all one's own...
Like the freedom of personal expression felt in the 60s, pull out old, new and borrowed from your closet, and layer it on with creative liberty.
The cape was sketched in fur, the thought being - that it was a re-fashioned fur - but when I finished sketching, it had become a cape of feathers. And the little "Juliet" plum velvet vest, is patched with old denim, and found in my book, Denim Revolution. Postcards scanned into photoshop make up the background, one of the ceiling of the "Salotto di Psiche" (Psyche Room) in the Tea Palace in Mantova, Italy -- and the other of music from Troldaugen, Norway, with the phrase "Det Forste motes sodme," roughly, translating as -- the sweet taste of the first meeting. November is lush, filled with art, music, friends, family. All of it swept up in the beauty of the last, lingering, leaves of autumn.
Best wishes to one and all,
for a lovely month,

Sunday, October 3, 2010

October Fashion screensaver

(as a fellow blogger, just click here for the October screensaver)
Welcome to October!
It seems that every country (and religion) has their own festival, for make-believe and costume dress-up. I guess it's because we all have a need to pretend, to allow ourselves an opportunity to release and express a fantasy or another side of our character. In the states, it's the holiday of Halloween that everyone goes all out while in Brazil or Switzerland they have Carnival. Whatever your nation, whatever your inclination, be creative and make your own costume, surprise yourself!
Wishing you a lovely month,