Saturday, May 29, 2010

DIY cropped, denim joggers

I wanted to let everyone know, that over at my other blog, the new, pure denim one,
I've just posted these cozy, cropped, rather smug, denim joggers.
I can attest that they are perfect
for sailing through the spring and summer.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Re-cycling hats and dresses like Gone With the Wind

Gone with the Wind is and will always be a most favorite fashion inspiration. Tattered or dripping in gold, either way, the clothes play a supporting role. This week two associations with this movie popped up.
In the last room at the Brooklyn Museum’s exhibition “American High Style,” one finds the hat created by Mr. John in 1939, for Vienne Leigh. With a can-do spirit, this hat was industriously re-fashioned with proud determination and glamorous style.
Perched on top is a rooster feet ornament (barely visible in this photo due to the dimmed lights and no flash.) They have been lightly dusted in gold, blending artfully with a grand swash of gold cord, fringe and green velvet upholstery fabric.

Then in “My Mother’s Clothes” by Jeannette Montgomery Barron, on page 45, the writer explains that her mother, who wore only the finest designer clothes, fashioned the below elegant dress from upholstery fabric.
Suggesting that it was motivated by …perhaps a divorce, Barron connects the curtains of Tara to her mother’s defiant creation of this re-cycled dress as her vehicle to show she can conquer a painful personal war.
I just posted a review here on Barron’s book – which I most highly recommend. Visuals and prose combine high style with human thoughts and feelings about mothers, daughters and life and loss.
Re-cycling, re-fashioning with energy and resolution is tremendous and beautiful.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Denim slipper tutorial and Making time

The Making time column of the Guardian has featured my denim slipper tutorial.  Do skip over, as there are many wonderful and original tutorials for home crafters, with interesting reader comments that spur thought and needle.

Don't be surprised if, like me, after you make those slippers, you get the bug and stitch up a few variations.  Above are ones made with denim soles, which I call my shaggy dog ears.  I have discovered that once you've cut all the slipper pieces, the project packs small, just right for taking on the road when you're traveling and bored in transit.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Portland, Seattle and NYC

Dear Friends,
I'm traveling. 
First stop Portland, then last night I left Portland (can't help but mention it is one of my most favorite train stations) and am now in Seattle (where the train station is being restored and is bound to rival Portland's) followed later next week by New York.  I'm in the middle of my journey.  
I carried my camera, laptop, papers, inks, brushes and pencils, planning to post as I go along ... to share the journey. Traveling is so stimulating, as just the thought of writing in mid-May, in all her glory, in favorite spots in these wonderful cities, stirs up such desire to create and imaginatively explore.  But, as with many of my dreams and wishes, posting just hasn't been possible.  How can I post without scanning in all kinds of little treasures? Imagery is such a vital link to me and my blog.
So that is where I am, with lots and lots to share.
But not today.
Best wishes to all, near and far,

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The May 2010 fashion screensaver

Here we are, already the second of May, and everyone is sliding into the spirit to thoroughly relax and enjoy the soft end of spring (...especially following April which was up to the dickens all month long.) Around my neighborhood, the azaleas and tulips are fading rapidly with the scent of wisterias and lilacs in full bloom, along with plenty of dandelions and pretty weeds. So with high expectations, of all kinds, and the lovely fresh sweet blooms surrounding all of us in delightful and surprising ways, I drew, painted and pasted together this screensaver.  If you're predisposed to print out more than the calendar, here are some of the fun elements that wound their way into the screensaver…
Above is one, from my little Birthday book from Giulio Giannini & Figlio in Florence. 
And below, another, from my deck of cards from the Portland Rose Garden.