Sunday, May 2, 2010

The May 2010 fashion screensaver

Here we are, already the second of May, and everyone is sliding into the spirit to thoroughly relax and enjoy the soft end of spring (...especially following April which was up to the dickens all month long.) Around my neighborhood, the azaleas and tulips are fading rapidly with the scent of wisterias and lilacs in full bloom, along with plenty of dandelions and pretty weeds. So with high expectations, of all kinds, and the lovely fresh sweet blooms surrounding all of us in delightful and surprising ways, I drew, painted and pasted together this screensaver.  If you're predisposed to print out more than the calendar, here are some of the fun elements that wound their way into the screensaver…
Above is one, from my little Birthday book from Giulio Giannini & Figlio in Florence. 
And below, another, from my deck of cards from the Portland Rose Garden.

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