Saturday, May 15, 2010

Portland, Seattle and NYC

Dear Friends,
I'm traveling. 
First stop Portland, then last night I left Portland (can't help but mention it is one of my most favorite train stations) and am now in Seattle (where the train station is being restored and is bound to rival Portland's) followed later next week by New York.  I'm in the middle of my journey.  
I carried my camera, laptop, papers, inks, brushes and pencils, planning to post as I go along ... to share the journey. Traveling is so stimulating, as just the thought of writing in mid-May, in all her glory, in favorite spots in these wonderful cities, stirs up such desire to create and imaginatively explore.  But, as with many of my dreams and wishes, posting just hasn't been possible.  How can I post without scanning in all kinds of little treasures? Imagery is such a vital link to me and my blog.
So that is where I am, with lots and lots to share.
But not today.
Best wishes to all, near and far,

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