Thursday, November 29, 2007

Journey into fashion wonderland

It's show and tell -- and I'm opening my sketchbook!! I will share with you the ideas, travels, images and projects that are inspiring my designs and filtering into my style. Watch my evolution, what triggers my stylish sensibilities, the push that ignites my urge to create and lets the unexpected fashion craze happen.
Key -- together let's bounce thoughts and ideas about fashion, designing and creating our own looks. The interchange of moods, in real time, is fashion fun, it's about our reaction to the realities of the world and it's now a global, Internet, happening.
Fashion, always at the tip of the pulse, adapts and flourishes in the new green world. I'm into searching for interesting cast-offs and re-inventing them in new campy mixes. I'm into handmade, adding details and personal finishes that can't be bought and consuming and recycling in different ways. I'm fashion crazy, and don't want to look like I'm wearing someone's cast-offs, I want to be sleek and daring, so I constantly mix it up to discover New-Now looks that are eco-politically-balanced. AND right now, I am for whatever reason, simply MAD for purple, plum and violet, anything in that family is just dreamy.