Sunday, November 29, 2009

A free December screensaver

As a fellow blogger, you are welcome to upload it.
Wishing you a wonderful December, may you enjoy and discover natural beauty wherever it may fall. Let the grand finale of 2009 be filled with dreams, hopes, winter bliss and more!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shower Bonnets made from retro scarves or lace

"California Dreaming" is made from a retro scarf and some gingham ribbons.
Named "Coco" this version is made with white lace, layered on top of plastic lime plastic lining, and finished with pleated and polka dotted ribbons, black jet and crystal buttons.

It all started with a family heirloom, a fun, souvenir scarf printed with charming scenic spots in California. Even though it was colorful and intriguing, it was never worn because it is synthetic. Now it has been recycled into my every-morning-most-favorite-shower-cap named "California Dreaming" and as I write this post, is hanging on a peg in the bathroom! If you want to make one yourself, here are the easy steps. It only takes about an hour from start to finish.


1 scarf (synthetic is best because the water just splashes off)

1 plastic shopping bag (this will be your waterproof lining)

1 yard of 1" wide, synthetic, turquoise ribbon

1 yard of 1" wide synthetic yellow ribbon

1 funky retro button
1 yard ¼" wide elastic

Red thread or another color that contrasts your scarf print

Your sewing basket and a sewing machine

How to do it:
-Cut a 20" diameter circle, out of the scarf and out of the plastic shopping bag.
-Pin the 2 circles together and stitch ½" from the edge, all around the perimeter.
-Sew the turquoise gingham ribbon around the perimeter with a zigzag stitch.
-Sew the yellow gingham ribbon, with a double row of zigzag stitches ½" apart, leaving an opening to slide the elastic through. And like in the photos, the turquoise ribbons in fluttering below the yellow ribbon.
-Attach a safety pin to your elastic; slip it through the opening, sliding it along, until you come out at the other end. Holding the elastic ends together, adjust the ease to fit your head, and then cut off excess and stitch elastic ends together securely.
-Form a loop from the turquoise ribbon (this is to hang your shower cap on a peg.)
-Pin the loop on top of the join point of your ribbon trims (so it hides the join.) Sew securely in place with a button. (My turquoise ribbon is a simple seam binding, pressed open, left with raw edges. )

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Maharaja at the V&A

The V&A has mounted a splendid exhibition, "Maharaja -The Splendour of India's Royal Courts." It is bound to inspire you to adorn yourself or your home with a dazzling array of everything that lushly twinkles or drips in gold, with exquiste and beautiful taste. Suzy Menkes (click here) shares every succulent detail. If you can make it to London, the fury that surrounds these shows adds to the fun, as the students sketching away and the outfits of the visitors are always imaginative. Above, is the "Procession of Ram Singh II of Kota," a watercolor painting from about 1850. Just click here, to discover extraordinary detail and beauty of this procession and the objects on display. as well as a competition for a trip to India! Hope you win! Or at least hope you enjoy the fun of sinking into the lap of overwhelming luxury and learning about another historical cultural and fashion influence on another part of the globe.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Charming flea market journal

I love and collect paper, in all sorts of configurations, especially as journals - from the most elementary newsprint ones that dazzle with their simplicity - to ones with poetry written around the edges or beautifully edged with gold leaf. Usually a few pages are filled with thoughts and sketches, sometimes they are never touched, and others get filled to overflowing. This one, spotted in a flea market is sooo wonderful sooo I wanted to share.

Spider webs and blasts of color

Ruben Toledo, is a masterful fashion artist, sketching ladies with a wispy light elegance that transcends any fashion clique, lightly lifting you into his naturally elegant world. Each drawing seems to have a whole world and event supporting the moment and one's imagination just drifts and wanders around as you follow his lead. A favorite of mine his "Fashionmachine." Which lady, which silhouette most captures your style?!? How would you create your own wheel of fashion? Isn't it fun, to spin the wheel around and let is carry you to a night out, a trip to the countryside or a garden party...
Black ink does feel very of the moment, especially when it is made into these wispy, lacy, Lacroix dresses, that are light and magical as spiderwebs.Then a blast of color with the tremendous Chihuly chandelier in the lobby of the V&A. Wow, I could sit all day in that room and just dream and sketch and think about whatever is on my mind while I wait for a friend ...Don't we all need a Biba suit, something head to toe in a wildly decorative pattern to wear and while sitting and waiting for our friend in the V&A atrium, marveling at the Chuilly and all the excitement in being there and being able to enjoy this spectacular and imaginative museum ... !

Monday, November 2, 2009

Free November fashion screensaver

2009 is racing by and November is already upon us! I continue with my monthly sketches sharing my fashion thoughts and sketches with my fellow bloggers. This month’s calendar is about mixing the unexpected in highly personal ways. Sketched is a denim skirt from my book, Denim Revolution, that was cut and stitched with a sweep of red plaid insets. It is styled with over the knee boots, a lacey sweater and a retro, leopard printed bag. Hair is shaggy and the style is nonchalant, of the moment, fun. I hope you enjoy a wonderful November and freely discover and express your individuality in fashion and beyond!