Thursday, November 5, 2009

Spider webs and blasts of color

Ruben Toledo, is a masterful fashion artist, sketching ladies with a wispy light elegance that transcends any fashion clique, lightly lifting you into his naturally elegant world. Each drawing seems to have a whole world and event supporting the moment and one's imagination just drifts and wanders around as you follow his lead. A favorite of mine his "Fashionmachine." Which lady, which silhouette most captures your style?!? How would you create your own wheel of fashion? Isn't it fun, to spin the wheel around and let is carry you to a night out, a trip to the countryside or a garden party...
Black ink does feel very of the moment, especially when it is made into these wispy, lacy, Lacroix dresses, that are light and magical as spiderwebs.Then a blast of color with the tremendous Chihuly chandelier in the lobby of the V&A. Wow, I could sit all day in that room and just dream and sketch and think about whatever is on my mind while I wait for a friend ...Don't we all need a Biba suit, something head to toe in a wildly decorative pattern to wear and while sitting and waiting for our friend in the V&A atrium, marveling at the Chuilly and all the excitement in being there and being able to enjoy this spectacular and imaginative museum ... !

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