Monday, November 2, 2009

Free November fashion screensaver

2009 is racing by and November is already upon us! I continue with my monthly sketches sharing my fashion thoughts and sketches with my fellow bloggers. This month’s calendar is about mixing the unexpected in highly personal ways. Sketched is a denim skirt from my book, Denim Revolution, that was cut and stitched with a sweep of red plaid insets. It is styled with over the knee boots, a lacey sweater and a retro, leopard printed bag. Hair is shaggy and the style is nonchalant, of the moment, fun. I hope you enjoy a wonderful November and freely discover and express your individuality in fashion and beyond!


Laurie K said...

I love these wonderful sketches and adore having them as my screensavers.

Nickname unavailable said...

Not my favourite month but I have begun the month well and hopefully will continue that way. Love the comment of "mixing the unexpected in highly personal ways" captures beautifully the innovative in fashion design this season.Evelyn

Nancy said...

Thank you Laurie and Evelyn for your special comments. xxxooo, nancy