Monday, August 30, 2010

Free September Fashion Wallpaper

as your screensaver or to print a copy)
Each month, when I sit down to create the calendar, I surprise myself with the final results. Even though I start with a planned thought and direction, regardless the wallpaper takes on a life of its own, developing and evolving as I sketch, until I am content that I have sincerely expressed the mood that I feel about fashion and style - at that moment.
This month I knew I wanted to include a project from my book, since the special sale - of $10.00 (click here! for info) is continuing and so sketching the little Russian caplet project from the book was a natural.

With it's faux-fur collar, and rugged frayed edges it captures a way to re-cycle your old jeans to fend off that first gust of fall with carefree style.

From there it went to pony tails like on MADMEN, and then elegantly manicured finger nails, which were sketched with Serge Luten’s “Sang-Bleu” nail polish –

-- interesting and unique colors on finger nails are turning quickly into the key accessory this fall.  All of that is wrapped with thoughts about searching as an artist surrounded with the backdrop of AndrĂ© Masson’s “Leonardo da Vince et Isabella D’Este.” This woman may be in New York, Berlin or London, in the countryside, just somewhere where there is a stimulating mood to search, ponder and try to make sense of life, politics, art, the future and our roots.
Wishing one and all and yours a wonderful September!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Barneys New York Denim Competition

Barneys has offered up a style challenge.
 --- Get out your favorite blue jeans, the ones that are truly you ---
and style them up with your most daring, outrageous, runway vision.
Then snap a photo and email it to the Barneys fashion directors.
The prize - 5 x $500 gift certificates !!
and to take part in a NYC/Barneys fashion fun and games competition.
I hope you take the challenge,
release your imagination and enter -
 hope you win!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Les Khakis de Chanel

Just wanted to pass the word-
before the limited quantities of Chanel's hottest nail polish disappear in their boutiques in
NYC (with a complimentary manicure ! no less at the Chanel Boutique on Spring Street),
as well as in London and Paris --
Chanel's special nail polish collection of three colors, created for
Vogue's Fashion Night Out - that look like this ...
on nail-polish maven Sophy Robson.
So perfect!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Soft and southern, heirloom style

Creole Sha explained that my post triggered the idea -- but this design duo gave it their signature, romantic touch - turning a pair of old denim jeans into soft feminine panties.

I adore them and wanted to share them with you.

All their designs on their etsy shop have that feeling of a hot, carefree, late afternoon in the south. 
The lazy luxury of hand-dyed family heirlooms … makes the last of the hot summer days feel lost in time and especially cool … .
Thank you Creole Sha for sharing your New Orleans style.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Oohh la la Half Price Book Sale !

This denim beret is from my sewing book, Denim Revolution. The contrast of softly worn blue denim embellished with ornate gold and velvet trims creates a very cool look.  I am delighted that it is right now featured on the craftzine blog right here – jump over and check it out.

And having that feature --- triggered the decision to have a super, back-to-school book sale! 
Right now, Denim Revolution is available for: 
(I also ship internationally, but must charge for the shipping)

I do hope you will buy my book
and that it will inspire you to dream about what you can make,
with all your individual charm and sewing skills
to freshen your wardrobe
with hip new accessories and clothes
just in time for the new fall season.

Isabel Toledo "Court" shoes at Payless

Aren't they divine!  All that style for only 35 Euros! 
Her husband, Ruben Toledo has always been my numero uno illustrator.  
I never tire from browsing through his imaginative, simply sublime, Nordstorm catalogues ... .