Saturday, August 21, 2010

Barneys New York Denim Competition

Barneys has offered up a style challenge.
 --- Get out your favorite blue jeans, the ones that are truly you ---
and style them up with your most daring, outrageous, runway vision.
Then snap a photo and email it to the Barneys fashion directors.
The prize - 5 x $500 gift certificates !!
and to take part in a NYC/Barneys fashion fun and games competition.
I hope you take the challenge,
release your imagination and enter -
 hope you win!


Caitydid said...

Do You have the e-mail for the Fashion Director? Or is it on the wed site for Barneys? Thanks.

Nancy said...

Sorry, I don't have a privy email address, only what is available on their site.
Best wishes,


i love all your sketches, really beautiful! come follow me xoxo

Nancy said...

your fashion blog is Fantastic!!