Saturday, November 1, 2008

More button and plastic glamour

I fell in love with this corsage, the interesting colors, simplicity of the plastic, the over sized proportions and the desire to make one myself ... once I find an appropriate plastic material - maybe re-cycle a shopping bag... . Anyway, it was the inspiration for my November calendar sketch, the artificial beauty of plastic flowers and deco-colors contrasting the natural, worn denim blues.

And I loved the big black buttons on this black beret - they're shiny and bold against the classic felted cap - creating stylish proportions that make black fresh and fun.


Special K said...

both are by Belgian hat designer christophe coppens, in case you didn't know...he's great!!!!

louisa said...

For plastic for the corsage, old shampoo (or shower gel/bath foam) bottles might work if you wanted something more sturdy that shopping bags.

The ones we get are often lovely pearlised pastel colours (or, conversely, really bright ones!). The inside is obviously print free so that could face outwards, making nice clean petals.

-louisa :)

Nancy said...

i luvvvv the idea! will work on it, cheers, nancy