Sunday, December 2, 2007

Asian Red-Hot Art

Feng Zhengjie's 2007 portrait of a female, at the Houston Museum of Art...
"Red Hot : Contemporary Asian Art (collection from the Chaney family) I caught the exhibit on the last day! By chance in Houston with a long layover, just enough time to do one thing, so I decided to drag myself into the city and see what is happening art-wise, and stumbled, completely unexpectedly upon this futuristic and glorious exhibit. I arrived, thirsty, went down to the cafe for a drink and was mesmerized by the animated DVD film "City Glow" by Chiho Aoshima which was right at the door. Wonderful to enter her imaginary world and a perfect entree for what was to follow, upstairs, ... a comprehensive body of work from over 60 artists, a youth driven perception, that was shockingly bold, fresh, glossy, fun, flirty, sexy, idealized beauty, reality, fear, full of fantasy and Asian culture. The artists embrace state-of-the-art techniques and innovation without any old European world art influence. It was an unforgettable experience, and a wake up call to the creativity from the Far East, and the youth culture that binds the whole region. Bravo to the collectors and the curator.

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