Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Denim, what's happening?!

"Les Docks" Paris, Denim by Première Vision, Spring 2009

Loved this example of the shine and glitter trend...

Cone Denim brought jeans from their historic archives, beautiful examples of folkloric home craft patchwork "Home", and also played a video (above) of vintage denim worn in it's time.

Above is the text from the "Imaginers" who inspire with their directional displays, and (below) a snap of one of the displays.
So you feel the atmosphere, below is a collage I put together of my photos of designers, weavers and displays.
At "Les Docks" on the edge of Paris, key weavers, denim treatment, trim and packaging people, gathered from the U.S. to Japan to show their Spring '09 collections. The offerings are inventive and gorgeous and the community is open and flexible to go even further with their designers. When you feel that kind of excitement in the air, that kind of creativity, you know that the denim world is going to continue to surprise and thrive. Key: the eco-friendly fabrics, everyone is doing it and is finding a way to be posh not only green; stretch; striped; shot with Lurex; and colors, either fresh like a daisy or hard like a rock star. The crowd was either in indigo and black or dressed colorfully ornate. Washed and ragged is as important as glossy and shiny, it just needs to be thought out, be driven by sincerity, by emotionally charged feelings from nature, music, icons, cosmo or posh style.

This is what I sketched up after the DPV - it's two directions, one is sleek, body conscious, darkly shaded, city slicker, and the other is Gurl-Billy, the hillbilly sensibility, all ragged, patched, oversized hand me downs. Both with caps, or hair wrapped, hair teased or cut in an unpolished manner, as if by a friend. Shoes are key, they are decorative, very important, highly colored, and individual.

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