Sunday, January 31, 2010

Need help to fix my blog feed

Once again I am receiving emails from fellow bloggers that they are not able to follow my blog. It is so discouraging to hear this, since my reason to post is my wish that they will inspire or be enjoyed by this special community of bloggers whom I enjoy, and who inspire me!

I do know that my blog fee settings are sent to “full.”

If anyone can help me to technically overcome this problem, with pleasure I will send you a great big hand sketched thank you note!! With many thanks in advance.


Make Do Style said...

This does happen to blogs intermittently - you should tell blogger.

Faye Lewis said...

You must have done something to fix the blogger thing because I received about 20 notices all marked 3 hours ago. Yippee!

Nancy said...

Make Do Style - thank you for the advice! And Faye - thank you for letting me know that, yes, the feed is fixed! And many thanks to everyone else for their kind emails and help, and alerting me to the problem, and bearing with me until it was resolved.