Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to hem jeans with designer style

click here for tutorial
Even though hemming jeans is one of the most common clothing alterations, surprisingly, it is rarely sewn correctly (and when it’s wrong it’s truly glaring, like a billboard wrapped around your ankles.) The widespread mistake is to just fold the excess length back and stitch it like any other pants. This is in conflict with the stitching and washed details on the cuff that need to be seen and not hidden.
When jeans need to be shortened the hem should be durable, invisible and not change the style or look of the jeans. The hemming technique in this tutorial is designed especially for denim. I love to give names to techniques and this is named "For Your Eyes Only" due to how it blends so seamlessly, that only the seamstress knows it’s there. As you will discover, it is simple and easy to do, or, if you’re not a seamstress, then to explain, to the person who will shorten your jeans. Repairing jeans is a pleasure because the material sews beautifully and the wearer is so appreciative.
Click here to download or print the tutorial.

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