Thursday, May 28, 2009

Liberty of London style

The windows at Liberty, always have a story or a tale to tell,
...with their mix of vintage, retro and new, all combined with a fairytale magic that is so wonderfully imaginative. And along the way a tea-stop is a must,...
where they've covered lampshades, teapots, table legs, all kinds of housewares with their wonderful fabrics. Finally a pause to see what new scents are in their perfumery, that has been appropriatelly, lushly filled with an inviting, den-like coziness and their original furniture.
One simply can't resists their journals, their fantasy jewels, scarves, fabrics, kits of diy projects, bags and household accessories. It is all very daring and fun in that British voice that I so love from Liberty.


anastasia said...

what wonderful shop windows! i would love to see and go into liberty one day, and to definitely purchase some fabric!

Nancy said...

love your wonderful eye icon anastasia! yes, liberty's is magical, from top to bottom, a truly unique store.