Saturday, May 30, 2009

June fashion screensaver

It's free, it fun, enjoy!
June is always so very lovely. Sunshine, gentle breezes, raspberries and flowers fill the air with the kind of special delight that's as quiet and astonishing -- as the activities and songs of the wide variety of birds one is finding everywhere. The fashion sketch in this month's screen saver is a mix of that light hearted and dreamy mood that seems to prevail all month long. After struggling through some rather serious sketches, I finally landed on this one, which has the big over sized denim weekend bag (long weekend journeys must start now!) from a few posts ago, and a spontaneous layering of old and new clothes, based on a peplum effect. Don't we all feel like shedding our serious clothes and having some fun, defining our individuality and self expression? The background this month is a collage taken from my desk -- with a favorite birthday card from a friend and wonderful artist, flea market finds, postcard stands made from re-cycled plastic (which I'm really having fun with and will post more about it soon) and much more. Isn't one's desk always an expression of thoughts, wishes and things to do and not to forget... .

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