Sunday, May 24, 2009

Browns and their mad hatted and masked mannequins

Browns on South Molton Street in London, has a unique love and understanding of the clothes that they sell. They don't just gather the chicest and prettiest clothes available with absurdly expensive price tags -- but they are convincingly honest about their enduring enthusiasm for them. They deeply appreciate the handwork, the textures, the creativity and force that went into their creation and delight in embellishing them with exquisite accessories. Even though there is a nonchalant attitude at the shop, they are serious merchants, and convinced about their understanding, their personal viewpoint and adoration for everything they cultivate in their shop ... and this has been going on for decades! Their window displays are artistic expressions of their creativity. The past week they were with masks and props, that stir your imagination, make you wonder, where and what, that take you on journeys to far off lands or big city events.

with a revolutionary and adventuress London style.

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fröken lila said...

i always find that window displays show more about a shop/company than most people who own the shop/company realize. it's so amazing to find displays where you can see that soembody put a lot of love and thought into it!