Friday, January 30, 2009

Two of my favorites -- Kusmi and Marcolini

I love Kusmi Tea, they are rich, heavenly, never boring, full bodied and pure teas. One of my favorite blends is "Sweet Love" - with it's ginseng, and liquorice, spices, guarana seed and pink peppers. The romantic drawing on this tin, and unique drawings and color combos on all their other tins, conjure up emotions and thoughts that add to the experience, and also make wonderful containers to use and re-use. If you try "Sweet Love" you will fall for it!

And my absolute favorite Pierre Marcolini chocolate is the glossy, red raspberry heart or "Coeur Framboise." They are filled with a raspberry-chocolate center, coated in white chocolate, and sprayed with this beautiful raspberry shade that has a glimmer of dark chocolate sparkles (or at least I see that glimmering effect) that says - chocolate goodies! They sell them in little boxes of pairs in the store, and that is they way I love them - two for two.

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Anonymous said...

Waw, it seems so great : the 'Sweet Love ' tea ...with this nice box with chocolate near the eyes ...