Saturday, January 31, 2009

A romantic and hip February screensaver

February's sketch is all about what's on my mind - it's contemplative, moody and hip. The first glimmer of spring is starting to show with scattered hearts, flowers, bees and butterflies and love in the air. And a relaxed attitude prevails by mixing old, worn denim with the colorful plastic accessories I am busy crafting at the moment. On the left, she is dressed with a fitted denim tunic (naturally made out of cast-off jeans) with a lacy hand crocheted flounced hem and a pair of cuffs (made out of my re-cycled household plastic containers). In the sketch on the right she wears old worn jeans under her cozy, hand knit floral-patterned sweater, and the candy striped earrings (from my trail of postings), with a favorite green suede purse. Enjoy February!

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