Saturday, January 10, 2009

DIY Earrings made from recycled household plastics

Kiwi Hoop Earrings

DIY jewelry - made out of discarded empty plastic containers pulled from the re-cycle bin - are fulfilling my winter fashion blues. The characteristics of this material lends itself to my hip fashionable whims, due to the -- colorful graphics and textures of the containers -- the lightness, which allows you to pile it on in bulk for a super over sized proportion -- and the freedom to cut and experiment with no waste - just toss your discards back in the bin and enjoy your successes. Also, part of the camp look is that the mix of household products is so tongue in cheek and makes it especially interesting to style up or down. With a bold flourish of dramatic proportions, and the hope to brighten up your wardrobe in the middle of the winter, here are photos and the How-Tos of my current two favorite earrings of the moment -- The Candy Striped Rubber Drop Earrings and The Kiwi Hoop Earrings! Candy Striped Rubber Drop Earrings
Selection of empty plastic containers;
2 x 6" long orange rubber band
2 x silver, pierced earring loops
Cut oval shapes out of empty plastic containers: 5 x 2" long ovals cut from a red and white striped yogurt container ; 3 x 1 1/2" long ovals cut from a transparent plastic shampoo container; 7 x 2 1/2" ovals cut from transparent, light blue water bottle container (follow my lead or use it as a guide and do your own thing.)
Punch a hole at one end of all the ovals.
Pass a 6" long orange rubber band through all the ovals, gathered into an assorted, mumble jumble order.
Slip a silver pierced earring hook through the rubber bands to hold them together.
Now make the other earring.
They dangle and feel very 60s modish.Kiwi Hoop Earrings
For these earrings, I used 4 different items, a silver clip-on earring gadget; one of those iridescent mesh bags used for fruit that my kiwi came wrapped in; an empty cottage cheese container with green graphics printed all over it; and 2 pieces of 1 1/2" x 5" long organza ribbon with lots of beads and sequins sewn on it that I found in my stash of ribbons. I wouldn't expect everyone to have all the exact same elements, so use my version as a guide and put it together with your favorite colors and with what you have or find (hunting is part of the design adventure.)
You also need some scissors, needle and sewing thread to match the organza and glue for plastic.
Sew the organza ribbon together to form a soft loop with a 5/8" overlap.
Cut the iridescent mesh bag in half. Take one half and slip it through the organza ribbon, knot it twice on top, and tuck loose ends inside the organza ribbon. Sew the ends together snugly.
Cut the empty plastic container round and round, 1/4" thick, so that you have a long continuous piece. Slip it into the other end of the organza, wrapping it around several times (mine wraps around 5 times) and then glue ends together with about a 1/2" overlap.
Securely attach your clip earring gadget on the back side of the net knot.
Make the other earring.

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