Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Chanel Tweed Fabrics - Linton Tweeds

Nothing is nicer than sewing a Chanel suit with the same material that Coco used. The British mill, Linton Tweeds, located near the Scottish border in the English Lake District is where Coco went for her legendary fabrics … so why shouldn’t you! The quality, patterns and colors are luxuriously beautiful. I contacted them and they sent me the above swatches - plus more - with their not too high - price list.  The materials catch light and have a soft handfeel unique to the mill.  If you start to unravel a swatch you end up counting a dozen different yarns, mixed and twisted and colored in all kinds of unique ways.  The ability to weave this broad variety of textures is what makes Linton so valuable, and one really wants to support such a mill and the timeconsuming, individual products that they create.  Visit their website to follow how the fabric is woven, washed, inspected and read about their history. Below is a zoomed in view of my stash of swatches.  One of the plaids even has sequins woven into the fabric.

Here is a link to a sew-a-long blog just for the Chanel suit . (Isn’t it a wonderful way to use the internet to advantage for a most hand-crafted, personal project?) And even if you're not quite up to sew yourself a suit – what about a newsboy cap or a beret, or some flower brooches ... in a Chanel tweed?


cherie said...

I want to make a Chanel jacket so thanks for this info and pics. x

Nancy said...

I wish you lots of pleasure in sewing and wearing a Chanel!

Anonymous said...

Dear girls, I love love chanel tweeds, so here i am! Opened a little online boutique that specializes Chanel inspired tweed jackets/set! Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions for me~~~~