Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alice at Ladurée Royale

No matter how many times I pass by Ladurée on Rue Royal in Paris, like an enchanting magnet, it never fails to draw me inside by the window displays, the colors and the message of favors.  Unfortunately it is forever packed with like minded, so you must have a lot of time and patience (of which I had neither this trip.)
Regardless the windows are instilled in my mind.  They were filled with larger than life-sized painted wooden cut-outs of Alice.  At her feet was a music box, lined with a black and white checkerboard.  The illustration is by Kera Till who catches Ladurée's unique and whimsical appeal so perfectly.  Snuggled inside the music box are the real goodies, moist, crisp, melting, apple maccaroons - sublime - those I did taste the night before (along with the pistachio and chocolate ones) and can attest they are perfect!
Apart from the shop, their teahouse is equally inviting.  Their teas, coffees, menu is unique and delicious.  For this reason alone, it attracts all kinds of people let along ones like me who would wonder in just for the romantic decoration, the pretty napkins, silver tea pots and more.  An intrisically Parisian landmark.  Rue Royal is my favorite Ladurée. Don't miss it when you are in Paris.

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