Thursday, June 18, 2009

More homemade Pin Cushions in Pots

The pin cushions are taking over the studio! As always, I have a well founded excuse. It's just that I have so many rather useless but truly lovely containers that can now serve a purpose -- masquerading as pin cushions. And honestly, they are more often becoming quite useful paper weights with the windows open in the summer time, or, funny little decorations that just appear in the house in unexpected and humorous ways.

Posh Pin Pot
This one, held by a trio of angels, is made out of lovely embossed silk velvets, an olive silk looped cord and topped with this goregeous, chinese hand made silk button.
Orange Pekoe in the Pot
The old chinese tea tin is topped with a retro printed cotton, a polka dot jersey covers the join, and buttons are everywhere, covering joins and adding to the festive character. It looks to me like either a jewerly stand, to keep dimestore jewerly, or to stay as a pin cushion ... hmmm. What do you think!


flossy-p said...

These are so cool! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the orange pekoe one!

creative breathing said...

Thank you so much for the link to your blog. Creativity is your breath I see! So many different things to be inspired by. Congratulations on your book! Elizabeth

Nancy said...

the tin is fantastic, so much color and charm in a simple tea tin. now i am left with the cap, to make into something else, some day.

Laurie K said...

I love the pin cushions. Are you going to do a tutorial on how to make them. Inspirational. What a lovely idea!

Nancy said...

yes, it's a comin'...and thanks for visiting!

Päivi said...

I like those pin cushions a lot. The orange one makes me thinks of some sort of arabic influenced sheikh thingy. Onion-shape top cushion with a little sparkly thingy on top would be so cute. You know, onions like the domes in architecture. :) And a muffin looking one, in a muffin... mold(?). I'm not sure what you call them.

I'm getting ideas from these! :)

I'm a dressmaker in the making, btw. One year to go.

Nancy said...

...inspiring thoughts! I'd love to see what you create. happy dressmaking.

Päivi said...

I've been mainly taking pics and writing poetry at

Some of the pics are for public view but the rest and poetry is Friends only. You're welcome to Friend the profile if you're in MySpace or I can send you some poetry. I don't want to push them or anything though. :)

I'm learning to knit a bit too, but no pics of that or much other textile work.