Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pin cushions to make and enjoy - from flea market finds

I'm busy making pin cushions!
With fun names like "Lady Limoges" and "Orange Pekoe Tea Time." It all began when I found a piece of Limoges pottery in the flea market for 3 Euros, a one of a once pair of candlesticks. A quick decision was taken, without much consideration or consultation that it couldn't be left behind but deserved to be re-cycled into something else that was pretty, useful and decorative.
Much more to follow soon with a tutorial or two!


Faye Lewis said...

TO: My Favorite Artist
FROM: Faye

Thank you for your comment about my jacket, I finally got around to wearing it today, it was comfy, cheerful and I got loads of compliments. Makes sewing so much fun!

Laurie K said...

awesome pin cushions!

petrenkov said...

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Best wishes
Steave Markson

Nancy said...

Thank you for your enthusiasm Steave!
Best wishes,