Thursday, April 30, 2009

May screensaver and the hip denim blues

(to download or print a copy of May's screen saver, click here)

When I start to sketch the monthly screen saver, I actually don't know what will happen, and it always turns into an unexpected surprise. This month was no exception. I've been busy with my calligraphy, and started with some new inks and new nibs, and the "Bleu Myosotis" ink led me to denim, and the list of different jeans on the sketch, which was where it started. Feeling that there is nothing more cool or comfortable, than plain old denim, I sketched it like a rebel who creates her very own individual jean statement - drawing baggy, boyfriend jeans, heavy runners, and a boyfriend's hat - all very tomboyish, which needed to be softened, which is how the pretty, totally simple, floral sun-top popped up with the dreamy floral background. The background is taken from a corner of the invitation to the Romanian artist, Carmen Marin's recent exhibition. I have pastels from her, which are dramatic, with great confidence and strong convictions, and love to meditate on her dreamy world and deliriously broad color palette. And now we're in May!

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