Sunday, January 30, 2011

February Fashion Screensaver

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When I create a monthly screensaver, I simply can't anticipate where it will lead. It just sort of happens, with the fashion story unfolding, as I sketch. This month, is no exception.
Starting with the center of the month - Valentine's Day, I thought everything would be pink, but instead it grew into a story about discovery. One sketch is an inquisitive portrait. But (hidden to the viewer) she is wearing USLU Airlines Nail Polish "LAS (or Las Vegas) Eau de Colette.” Described as a “blued hex perfumed” polish, it sounds lovely, and, unexpected, like, a blue valentine. I haven't smelled it, but doesn't it seem like a reason to visit Paris and go to Colette? The other sketch is of a woman, as a dandy, strutting all her fashion on the outside. Sporting a printed floral, bell bottomed, pantsuit, with hair dyed to match, or almost match, her poppy velvet beret. She is wearing Dior’s sparkly nails “Mandarin Orange.”

Fashion is fun, and releasing one’s fashion desires feels soo good. It is also the best defense to fend off those bitter cold and dark winter days that are bound to happy all month long.
All kinds of wonders and delights await us in February. It is only up to us, to open our heart, follow new paths, and discover and enrich our life and those around us with the delights of the unexpected.
Wishing you to enjoy February, in all it's glory!
P.S. The LOVE poster is from YSL, dated 1992.

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