Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A quilted, pieced, morning coat created diamond shaped cotton

Labeled simply, as "Man's Morning Gown, 1825."
  Created from a cloth pieced together from hundreds of diamond shaped cotton fabrics.
It is the ultimate luxury.  Simply beautiful! 
Displayed as a rarity as part of the costume exhibition currently at the Brooklyn Museum (see below post).
The softly hewed earthy tones feel like a pile of leaves, swept by the wind and dappled in the morning light.  

The lift in the sleeve cap, the waist detail, wide cuffs and collar, covered buttons, every inch, softly hand tailored with the same grace and beauty that stitched the cloth together.
It is terribly romantic.

The back view shows the freedom of movement the wearer must have felt. 
Fullness comes from the soft gathers at the waist and a bias cut side seam. 
It's made by a master, but one wonders if it was commissioned by a professional, or stitched by a family member or by household help....and how glorious the lining must be - lovely it is!

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