Sunday, April 4, 2010

Free April 2010 fashion screensaver

Oh my, it is already April 4th and only today I am finally ready to upload the April calendar...I wonder what that means about the month ...certainly, that good things are around the corner!  The ideas for this month's wallpaper have been swimming around in my head for awhile.  It started with the romantic sound of the Mama's and Papa's song about going to San Fransisco with flowers in your hair.  As we enter into the heart of spring, dreaming about San Fransisco and all it's soft lovliness, is where I would love to be, right now.
The above postcard from Romania, dropped on my drawing table, with this little boy, or is it a girl, in her decorative hat, covered in grass, beads and flowers, and equally decorative jumper.  The image didn't end up in the wallpaper, but I wanted to share it with you, as it was an inspiration.
Finally, a couple images have been scanned and inserted into the painting from my set of playing cards, from one of my favorite spots, the Portland Rose Gardens.  It is an easy walk or bike ride from my childhood home, and full of my favorite spots, smells of the good earth, a seemingly endless variety of blooming roses, and my sweet memories.  Right now I'm remembering the day my younger brother and I visited, not so long ago, on a gentle April day, when he bought me this deck of cards.


Faye Lewis said...

You are truly artistic!

Nancy said...

Thanks for visiting and your kind comment. I ment to include a link to the Rose Gardens, attached is one to Shakespeare's corner of the garden, a personal favorite spot: