Sunday, August 30, 2009

September fashion screensaver

(Click here to upload or print the September 2009 screensaver)
September’s calendar is inspired by our desire each fall to update and brighten up our wardrobes. Fashion whims are discovered through our feelings about the world, our dreams and our changing lifestyles. Sketched in this month’s screensaver is a DIY, re-constructed, denim jacket with hounds tooth check (sketched with faux fur, leopard shoes and a Coco belt) cuffs and collar from, naturally, my book ... Denim Revolution. I adore this jacket which was fun and easy to make. Sewing, re-fashioning cast-offs or new finds, mending, patching, playing with shapes and materials in individual ways, is very rewarding. You can make a difference in this world by your choices, by balancing your individuality and homemaking skills with new buys from favorite designers as you update your fall wardrobe and pack away the summer T’s. Updating your wardrobe is part of the process of giving a gust of positive energy to your outlook as you take on new challenges or set new goals for the upcoming year. Follow your urges and enjoy!

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I am so into denim too!
This jacket is so cool!

Many kisses :)