Friday, July 3, 2009

Amelia's magazine and Shelter fundrasier

When I first saw Amelia’s magazine back in May 2006, with her smiling childhood photo on the cover, I was in awe. I loved it for the magical and witty illustrations and her uninhibited and freely roaming expression about fashion, style, music and concern about the environment and the future. It was more book-like than magazine, very personal and open, and rich in content and creativity. Unfortunately the hard copy has folded, but she continues to have a strong following and online presence through her blog (here I am.)

When I read her call for submissions in aid of Shelter, the UK charity for the homeless I had to send in a submission. I am thrilled that I made the first cut, from which she will choose 52 illustrations, all on the theme - the TWO OF HEARTS, and create a quilt. Her quilt, along with artwork by other artists and designers (including Stella Vine, Basso and Brooke and Rachel Whiteread) will be exhibitied this summer in the UK, and auctioned to raise money for the charity.

My drawing reflects my thoughts about being homeless and the enormous strain that poverty puts on a family and relationships. Hoping that a safe and secure home will help mend a broken home, I drew a heart, formed from many pieces and patched up, re-gaining it's power with a busy family in toe, named- Shelter for a Broken Heart. It's sad, it's happy, it's about life.
You can see all the intriguing and imaginative drawings on Facebook. Doesn’t it make you want to design your own deck of cards…?

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