Saturday, February 28, 2009

Recycling a white cotton shirt and the March fashion wallpaper

Every month is defined for me by the changes of nature. As I step out into my own little garden, crocuses and camellias are among the early blooms that surprise with their bright, proud colors against a backdrop of spidery bare bushes and tress. With that image of renewal and my thoughts about a lovely spring around the corner, I created the March screensaver.

Sketched is a project that you will find in my book, Denim Revolution - the “Teddy Bear Tuxedo Shirt” - which has all the comfy elements I love -- a big, over sized vintage man’s dress shirt, (the way they used to be made, with fine detailing) that's been stamped with a personal fashion statement with rugged denim, crazy vintage buttons, cotton bandannas and gingham. It's sketched with opaque black stockings and lacy boots, and, naturally she's reading – Denim Revolution – planning her new spring wardrobe, what she’s going to make, where she’s going to wear it and how she's looking forward to springtime.
Gotta go and start sewing and hope this inspires you to search through your sewing baskets and see what you can make for yourself or to gift!

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